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Are you interested to learn solutions in hypnosis?

Our courses are
and down to earth
with experiential learning

I think you always had to be a little different to learn about hypnosis, and even more different to learn about the Ericksonian, solution oriented approach.

I think people who do are the creative spirits in this world.

They are the people who are not just out to have a successful practice; they want to contribute to their clients.

We create learning experiences for these kinds of people.

We continue to serve people who dare to go beyond the latest therapy fad and are interested in being creative and responsive.

Some people may think they’re crazy. But we see creative genius.

These are the people we’re offering workshops for.

[inspired by Steve Jobs]

About CET

Our community is based on fundamental principles - the individual potential of each human being, the innate resourcefulness in everyone, the possibility of simplicity, and the desire to reduce conflict and suffering.

As a learning community, we are concerned to be practitioners who are genuine, bold in making clinical decisions, sensitive to the individual needs of clients, humble in service, and appreciate learning within the shared human condition.

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